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TEMOK is a mobile app development company that makes your business profitable by developing apps for iPad, iPhone or Android. Our experts develop creative and customer oriented mobile apps in order to provide a wonderful friendly experience to users and customers. Our talented developers and passionate designers will turn your raw ideas into user-friendly products. We will match your energy without limiting ourselves. Let’s discuss your ideas further to know your needs.
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It is crystal clear that demand for websites & mobile apps has been increased in all businesses. In order to cope with that, we become your accelerator for designing and developing wonderful mobile applications& websites . TEMOK is a top-notch mobile app & web development company that offers mobile & web development services for







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Our Process
TEMOK works in collaboration with the clients in order to develop compelling mobile apps that provide value and lasting excitement to their customers. We have a great understanding of mobile and web based technology that enables us to bring a level of expertise to our clients like no one else.
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01) Product Strategy & Planning

We always try to perform a thorough research in order to identify your specific needs and implement creative solutions for your needs. We always try to create strategies that will lead you to success and growth.

02) User Experience (UX)

We understand how user experience can impact the performance of your app. We always develop apps to provide usability and effectiveness of the product.

03) Product Design (UI)

Our skilled team of professionals always tries to design slick interfaces to meet the needs of leading mobile and web platforms. We understand the importance of design and interaction however, we also know a little bit about branding and graphic design.

04) Product Development (UI)

We develop user-friendly products by making use of advance tools and technology frameworks. We have an experienced team for coding custom frontend and backend solutions. You can expect the perfectly designed and custom applications from us.

05) Launch & Rapid Releases

We don’t only develop your web or mobile based applications but we also work with you to deploy it successfully. We will work with you for crafting the strategy to launch and execute it as well.

The Best App Development Company which we Hired . Temok developed a Uber Like application for our Company and they completed it in record time with Quality Michael Prior
Dubai - UAE

Temok has been a revelation in terms of how they engage with their customers. They try to take a holistic view to understand the business and then they are very open and honest about where they can help and where they cannot. I always felt we were working with a partner who was as motivated to see us achieve our business goals Peter Mark
Abu Dhabi - UAE

Working with Temok was a great pleasure and I must mention that the work that I have got done from this team is beyond my expectations. Thus, opting for Temok proved to be a correct decision for me. If an urgency of completing a piece of project was implied, the efficient t team Temok responded with no delay in delivering. In terms of communication and working environment, this is the best experience I've ever had. The difference I see with this team is their integrity and passion towards work. Abd al Sami
Dubai - UAE